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what is sampling
'found sounds' using every everyday noises in music
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when did sampling begin?
20th century experimental music
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what was the first drum machine?
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in recent years why have electronic drums become more popular?
they have become more realistic and responsive
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how does a guitar pick-up work?
vibration of the string is coverted into an electrical signal
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what is a guitar harmonic?
when a string is gently touched at a point that is a simple fraction of its length e.g half
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'whirling' 'swooshing' effect?
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subtle 'simmering' effect?
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what is cut-off freq?
frequencies that will pass unaffected and which freq. will be cut
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what is centre freq?
the point at which a band-pass or notch filter will have most effect.
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what is gain?
how much cut or boost is applied to the effected freq.
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what is resonance or Q control?
determines bandwidth of frequencies that are affected- a high value will affect
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what is slope?
determines how quickly the filter will act at its cut-off point.
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what is an LPF?
Reduce the level of freq. above cut off freq. Let the freq. below this value pass through.
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what is an HPF?
Reduce level of freq. below cut of, allows high freq. un-affected.
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What are band-pass filter?
frequencies outside the scope of lpf/hpf pass unaffected. Graph- resembles bell curve.
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what is a notch filter?
band-pass with a very high Q value- used to cut particular frequency
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what is a shelving filter?
work at either end of the freq. spectrum. Cut/Boost freq. beyond a specfic frequency
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what is equalisation?
combination of various filters used in conjunction with eachother.
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what is parametric EQ?
EQ circuit based on band-pass filters with access to the parameters of the filters.
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graphic EQ?
seires of band-pass filters, sections with equally spaced center freq's organised according to musical intervals (8ve)
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what is compression?
reduces the dynamic range, making it more suitable for recorded media and broadcasting
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explain limiting
compressors with extreme settings, used to prevent signals increasing beyond a certain level
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what is multi-band compression?
allows the user to compress specific parts of the freq. range e.g. bass drum
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what is de-essing?
multi band compression for 's' 'sshh' 't' and 'ch' sounds
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explain expansion?
reduce the level of signals that fall belowe a set threshold, thus expanding drynamic range not reducing
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and gating?
noise gates = extreme expanders. reduces any signal below threshold to silence
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when did sampling begin?


20th century experimental music

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what was the first drum machine?


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in recent years why have electronic drums become more popular?


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how does a guitar pick-up work?


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