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2. In what regions of the mediterranean has Mycenaean pottery been found?

  • Troy, Near East, Egypt, Sicily
  • Melos, Cyprus, Corycra, Thrace
  • Melos, Rhodes, Thera, Near East, Italy and Sicily
  • Rhodes, Cyprus, Thrace, Italy

3. What are the names of some key sites in Anatolia?

  • Troy, Karabel
  • Miletos, Troy
  • Ionia, Troy
  • Hellicarnassus, Karabel

4. What materials did the Minoans look over sees for?

  • Faience and Gold
  • Ivory and Faience
  • Ivory and Silver
  • Ivory, Rhyton and Silver

5. Why did the Minoans look oversees for certain raw materials?

  • they did not have the technology to cuperate some metal sources at that time
  • they had no natural sources of metals or copper


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