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1. The Archaic Period end in?

  • 454BC, when the Delian League treasury is moved
  • 480BC, after the sack of Athens by the Persians
  • 300BC, when Alexander is in control
  • 380BC, after the Pellopennesian War
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2. Myrtos is...

  • An important early Minoan II site
  • An important early Mycenean site
  • An important sarcophagus showing ritual scenes
  • A mountain in Western Crete

3. Where would you expect to find the white moutains?

  • Thrace
  • Western Crete
  • Ionian coastline
  • Eastern Crete

4. There are numberous bays and harbours along the coast of Thessaly. True or False?

  • False, there are a few natural ones
  • True, there are many natural ones

5. The eruption of the Thera volcano caused the destruction on Crete in the Late Minoan Period. True or False?

  • False
  • True


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