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  • To what extent do archaeological recording methods effectively mitigate the destructive nature of archaeological excavation?
    • Introduction
      • What do we mean by the terms archaeological recording methods and mitigate ?
        • The question is asking me to evaluate different methods of archaeological recorecording and whether they lessen the impact on the site.
          • Outline the key terms/ methods and which methods I will be comparing.
        • Methods imply a way of doing something and mitigate means to lessen the possible impact of something.
    • Aerial Photography - Taking photos of a site while it is being excavated.
      • Pros
        • Ensures that the finds are not touched - less contamination.
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      • Cons
        • Expensive - Can't be used for every site - can mean that there could effectively be more destruction through cheaper methods like full scale excavation.
    • Full Scale Excavation
      • Drawing
        • Cons - Having to collect artefacts, as you move down the stratigraphic layers, you are destroying it.
        • Con - Used a lot on digs - more destruction than needed?
      • Samples of finds
        • Cons - you are effectively destroying archaeology by collecting samples and by studying them.
      • Working with finds
        • Cons - Handing the finds incorrectly could result in the finds being contaminated and therefore receiving irreversible damage.
      • Context Recording
    • Conclusion
      • Bring back to the main question - do archaeological methods mitigate or destroy finds?
        • If they destroy what is the worst method?
          • Is there any way that we could improve this in the future?


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