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  • ASSIGNMENT 1: Seminar Chairing and critical reflection (1000 word report; 40%)
    • Short Introduction.
      • What the document entails.
        • This document aims to critique "two archaeological reports" and "1 standard guidelines" document.
          • What are the names of these reports and which topics are they based on?
    • Report 1
      • Short paragraph.
        • Report 2
        • Note some key similarities and differences between the reports. With regards to intents and discoveries.
          • Are there more similarities or differences between the reports?
    • Report 2
    • Main Debate
      • Which aspects of the report were very good and which aspects were bad or could have further improvement?
        • Comparison between the reports.
          • Was Report 1 structured better than report 2?
            • Did report 2 have more reliable evidence than report 1?
              • Better organisation.
                • Clearly written, less waffle?
                  • Mechanical template formula?
                    • Are the clear guidelines in the guidelines document adhered too?
    • Seminar Debate.
      • What did I learn from the seminar?
        • What did I dismiss? Thoughts? Data? Key point?
        • What did I do well?
          • Pick up a point others did not?
    • Conclusion
      • Is there anything I would change if I were to do this project again?
        • If so why?
          • Is there anything which I would keep the same?
            • If so why?
              • Am I happy with the overall out come of the project?
                • Is there any part of my project which may require further research?
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  • Which report did I like the least and which did I like the best?


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