AQA AS Level History- Struggle for Power in the USSR

A quiz on the struggle for power following the death of Lenin- Chapter 1 in the textbook. This quiz covers the actions of the Communist Party and major Bolsheviks frm 1924-1929.

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1. What did other Bolsheviks think of Stalin in 1924?

  • All other Bolsheviks loved him.
  • They underestimated him, thinking he was uneducated and boring
  • The Left Wing was against him but the Right Wing supported him.
  • They were afraid of him and would do whatever he said
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2. In what year did Lenin die following a series of strokes?

  • 1926
  • 1917
  • 1924
  • 1923

3. By 1929, why did people support Stalin in ending the NEP and putting peasants into collectives?

  • There were shortages of grain because the peasants did not want to give it to the government
  • The peasants were rioting and causing disruption
  • There were shortages of grain because the was a famine
  • The NEP was too expensive

4. Why did the Right Wing support Stalin in 1925?

  • They belived his policy of Socialism in One Country fit with their wish for gradual industrialisation
  • They wanted to defeat the Left Wing
  • Stalin and Bukharin became close friends
  • They believed that Socialism in One Country fit with their wish to end the NEP

5. Who wrote the article "Lessons of October" in 1924?

  • Bukharin
  • Trotsky
  • Kamenev
  • Stalin


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