AQA A2 Psychology Unit 3 - Relationships - Culture and Romantic Relationships

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1. What is Batabayal's stages of arranged marriages?

  • Unlike to choose correctly so chosen for them
  • Will be able to fully choose their partner
  • Have no say in who they marry
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2. What was found in Huang's study on divorce

  • Cultural divorce increasing due to modernisation
  • Divorce is decreasing
  • Divorce only occurs in indivudalist

3. What did Sprecher study?

  • Russian women would marry someone they do not love
  • Indian women would marry someone they do not love
  • English women would marry someone they do not love

4. Who studied the differences between Collectivist and Individualist cultures and romantic relationshops

  • Kendel
  • Mohaggadam
  • Batabayal

5. What is the problems with western interpretation on a study?

  • Does not take into account the cultural values and norms
  • Would not see the benefit of the relationship
  • There is no problem


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