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2. Who's correlational study looked at the level of testosterone in the saliva of women who did not want families?

  • Stimpson
  • Deady et al
  • D'alton

3. Who contradicted Money and Erdharts study of exposing girls to androgen during pregnancy, causes male like behaviour?

  • Hines - Girls who suffer from CAH show little difference in behaviour
  • Todhunter - Girls who had higher levels of male hormone did not show any male like behaviour
  • South - Girls who were given male hormones during the critical period only shows male like behaviour in sports

4. Berenbaum (1992) contradicts Hines by stating what about girls with CAH?

  • That they are more interested in male activities
  • That they are more aggressive towards authority
  • That they tend not to take in a female role in later life

5. When do the external organs begin to grow?

  • 4 months
  • 6 months
  • 3 months


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