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2. Dalton looks at how behaviour changes are linked to the menstrual cycle, how was this study carried out?

  • Looking at when crimes were committed (60-80% during menstrual cycle)
  • Looked at the aggression towards peers
  • Looked at the increase of particular hormones and their effects on the individuals behaviour

3. If the embryo inherits x chromosomes from both parents, which gender will it be?

  • Female
  • Male

4. What does Green say about the release of testosterone?

  • If not released then the brain will develop into a female form
  • If not released then the brain will develop into a male form
  • If released then the brain will develop abnormally

5. Berenbaum (1992) contradicts Hines by stating what about girls with CAH?

  • That they tend not to take in a female role in later life
  • That they are more interested in male activities
  • That they are more aggressive towards authority


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