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2. Berenbaum (1992) contradicts Hines by stating what about girls with CAH?

  • That they are more interested in male activities
  • That they are more aggressive towards authority
  • That they tend not to take in a female role in later life

3. If the embryo inherits x chromosomes from both parents, which gender will it be?

  • Female
  • Male

4. Dalton looks at how behaviour changes are linked to the menstrual cycle, how was this study carried out?

  • Looking at when crimes were committed (60-80% during menstrual cycle)
  • Looked at the aggression towards peers
  • Looked at the increase of particular hormones and their effects on the individuals behaviour

5. Who contradicted Money and Erdharts study of exposing girls to androgen during pregnancy, causes male like behaviour?

  • South - Girls who were given male hormones during the critical period only shows male like behaviour in sports
  • Hines - Girls who suffer from CAH show little difference in behaviour
  • Todhunter - Girls who had higher levels of male hormone did not show any male like behaviour


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