What is Conformity?
A form of social influence whereby an individual accepts the view of the majority position.
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What are the three types of conformity?
Compliance, Internalization and Identification
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Definition of Compliance
Accepting majority view in public
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Definition of Internalisation
Accepting majority view privately and publicly
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Definition of Identification
Has elements of both compliance and internalisation
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What are the two explanations of conformity?
Normative Social Influence and Informational Social Influence
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Definition of Normative Social Influence
Desire to be liked
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Definition of Informational Social Influence
Desire to be right
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Research support for NSI
Writtenbrink and Henley African American Study
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Research support for ISI
Schultz et al towel study
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What is the key study for conformity?
Asch's line study
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Aim of the study
how participants would react to the behaviour of the confederates
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123 male undergrads. 12/18 critical trials. asked to compare 3 lines to standard line.
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Key findings
33% overall conformity rate. half of the participants on 1 or more trails and quarter of the participants never conformed.
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Variables affecting conformity
Group size, task difficulty and Unanimity of the majority.
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Group size-
the majority of 3 confederates can make conformity increase.
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task difficulty
moderated by self - efficacy of the individual. high self efficacy individuals worked alone and low self-efficacy worked together
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unanimity of the majority
breaking the unanimity of the majority makes conformity drop
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Research is child of its time
McCarthyism. Period of high conformity is US history. Perrin and Spencer repeated with science and engineering students and youths and probation officers.
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Cultural differences
Smith et al analysed results across different cultures. average rate was 31.2% individualist cultures was low and collectivist cultures is high.
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Key study on conformity to social roles
Zimbardo's prison study
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What are the three types of conformity?


Compliance, Internalization and Identification

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