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Social psychology…read more

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· Conformity is yielding to group pressure.
There are two main types of conformity
1. Compliance: changing your behaviour but not your
opinion. For example, going to church to please your
mum but not actually believing in that religion.
2. Internalisation: changing your opinion and behaviour:
going to church and also believing in that religion.
· Social influence is when the actions or
thoughts of an individual are changed by
another individual…read more

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Why do people conform?
· Informational social influence: the desire to be
right... copying others so that or looking to
others to teach us how to behave when we
don't know what to do.
· Normative social influence: the desire to be
liked. We conform so others will approve and
like us.…read more

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· The light experiment! Group of people asked
to see if a light moved...
· When faced with an ambiguous situation,
participants looked towards others in their
group for guidance ­ informational social
High control over variable and Participants worked out what the aim
therefore establish a cause and effect was.
relationship Artificial environment as they are not
Easy to replicate in their natural environment.…read more

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· A really simple line task but with confederates
to see if they could change peoples opinions.
· Unambiguous situation but people still want
to conform.
High control over variables and Ethical issues: deception. The
therefore establish a cause and effect participants believed the real aim is
relationship. perception
Easy to replicate All men involved and was done at a
similar time of communism (people were
wary ­ wanted to conform)
Artificial environment.…read more

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· The students sat in rows which experimenter
choosing answers. Conformity levels low
suggesting social pressure has a strong.
· Cause and effect because of high · Participants all from military. Not
control over variables reliable as they are trained to conform
· Easy to replicate so can't generalise the results.
· Ethical issues: deception. Participants
believed it was other people selecting
answers, not experimenters.
· Lab experiment... Lacked validity.
· Task was meaningless…read more

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