Aggression- Social Learning Theory

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1. Children in aggressive condition showed a great deal of aggression, 70% of children in non aggressive and control showed no aggression towards bobo.

  • Sergen and Barton
  • Bandura
  • Diener
  • Charlton
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2. Vicarious Reinforcement is...

  • When the model is rewarded in an attractive way, a person is more likely to copy the behaviour.
  • Being viciously punished
  • When a model is punished in a way that makes a person not want to copy the behaviour

3. Who created Social Learning Theory?

  • Bandura
  • Zimbardo
  • Walster
  • Milgram

4. Aimed to asses the impact of TV introduction on a remote community by assessing children's behaviour before and after and found no increase in aggression

  • Diner
  • Charlton
  • Bandura
  • Sergen and Barton

5. Observational Learning has four stages:

  • Motivation, Retention, Attention, Production
  • Attention, Retention, Production, Motivation
  • Learning, Reinforcement, Performance


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