bandura pt 2

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  • Bandura et al 1961 pt 2
    • Measures of imitation
      • Imitation of psychical aggression
      • Imitation of verbal aggression
      • Measures of partial imitation
      • Non-imitative aggression
      • Non-aggressive measures
    • Results
      • Children witnessing aggression showed more imitation of physical (60 compared to 4)  and verbal aggression
      • Children witnessing aggression sowed more partial and non-imitative physical (82 compared to 57) and verbal aggression
      • Children who saw same-sex model imitated more  behaviour
      • Boys more aggressive than girls overall
    • Conclusions
      • Supports Social Learning Theory
      • Model doesn't have to be present for behaviour to be replicated
      • Males more influential than females
      • More likely to learn verbal aggression from same sex model


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