Abuse against women

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No. of women exposed to intimate partner violence
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Highest in
Ethiopia- 71%
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Lowest in
Japan= 15%
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Provincial areas
Tend to be higher than cities
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4 ecological frameworks
Ontogenic- individual/ Microsystem- relationship/ Mesosystem- community/ Macrosystem- Society
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Biological and Psycho-physiological factors (3)
Low baseline heart rate, increased arousal in autonomous system, dysfunction in fronto-cortical and limbic brain regions- to do with emotional regulation
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'Mate retention tactic'
Gene based explanation- keep mate by threatening them
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Antisocial personality disorder/ Borderline Personality Disorder/ PTSD/ General Anxiety Disorder
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Insecure attachment
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Violent married men
Higher interpersonal Dependency/ lower self esteem
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Social Learning
Exposure in childhood- 3/4x more likely to commit IPV
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Vagal reactors
Antisocial personality disorder- violence calms arousal (?)
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Relationship theories- Family systems
Dynamics in family/ social roles/ examine whole family
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P takes responsibility for change/ V decreases vulnerability
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Marital dissatisfaction/ Low income or unemployment
Relationship with IPV
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Feminist theories- 4 levels
Relationship level, Community level- weaker sanctions for IPV= low levels of female autonomy, lower levels of women in higher education/ Societal level- lack of legislation or laws/ All levels- traditional gender roles= IPV
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Gender symmetry
Some research finds IPV- men and women same rates
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Biological treatment
Beta blockers?
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Psychopathological treatment
Behavioural interventions/ Psychodynamic theory-find root of motivation for aggression/ CBT
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Substance abuse
Greenland= less IPV/ USA- increase price by 1%- IPV goes down 5%
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Attachment-orientated psychotherapy
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Social Learning
CBT- Scottish program for violent offenders- 1/3rd reoffended compared to 3/4s reoffending when just given criminal sanction
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Family systems/ stress
PACT- Physical Aggression Couples Treatment
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Duluth model- Psycho-educational model for men- challenge views
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Pluralistic ignorance
Misconception that we can perceive the attitudes and behaviours of others
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Social norms intervention
'A man respects a woman' campaign
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2 year evaluation
Decrease in % of men that believe the average man would have sex with drunk gal/ decrease in % of men who believe that talking about sex destroys the romance/ % in men that think its okay to get gal drunk so she'll shag him
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How many behaviours show good results
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increase in actually shagging drunk gals
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Soul City
Soap that tackles issues in South Africa- decrease in acceptance of IPV/ increase in belief that societies can help prevent IPV
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Provincial areas


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