"Lycurgus put all in charge of one man, the Paidonomos" - differs from other states where each family would hire a Paidagogoi for their children. Gives all male children same standard of education - equals.

"The result is considerable respect and obediance there" - boys grow up learning them, gives the united power that Sparta mirage held.

"Lycurgus decreeed they go barefoot to toughen their soles, and wear one garment all year round to make them tolerent of heat and cold" - when training in the Agoge. Toguhened them up. Gave them surer footing when havign to run to get somewhere and fight. Used ot a variety fo weathers.

"They were brought up on a regime that would allow them to be better suited when they were without food" - a harsher version of the food regime for adults. Restricted to be fitter and cope in abd situations during campaigns/famine.

"So they were not distressed by hunger, he dod permit them to steal somethign to alleviate their hunger" - alter of artemis orthia, steal cheese whislt beign whipped to show that "A moments pain can bring the joy of enduring fame"

"If an honourable man wished to befirend a boy he may in honoruabel pursiots as it is a fine form of education" - evidence that boys during their time


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