AS Level Ancient History Authors

Each author used in AS Level Ancient History that I have listed below has the dates they lived/wrote, what they wrote, a positive and a weakness. 

This is to help others remember what each author wrote about when needing to write about reliability etc.

The 'timeline' of authors begins with Tyrtaeus 

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  • AS Level Ancient History Authors
    • Tyrtaeus
      • Epic Poetry
      • 685 BC - 668 BC
      • Wrote about War
      • Twelve fragments of his poetry left.
    • Herodotus
      • 484BC - 425BC
      • Histories
      • Only source on Thermopylae
      • Known to exaggerate
    • Thucydides
      • 460 BC - 404BC
      • History of the Peloponn-esian War
      • Detailed information about the Pelopon-nesian War
      • Positive view of Brasidas - because he defeated him
    • Aristophanes
      • 456BC - 386BC
      • Lysistrata
      • Gives an Athenian view
      • Changes truth to get a reaction fro the audience
    • Xenophon
      • 430BC - 335BC
      • Has inside knowledg-e on Sparta
      • The Spartan Constitut-ion
      • Positive view of Sparta - due to Xenophon depending on them financially
    • Diodorus
      • 1st Century BC
      • The Athenian Empire
      • Referenced to works by other authors who's work is now lost
      • Uses sources uncritically and not named
    • Plutarch
      • 46BC - 120CE (AD)
      • Detailed sources
      • Life of Lycurgus
      • Exaggerated detail because he is writing biographies


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