X-rays in Medicine

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X-rays are used in medicine

  • X-rays are high frequency, short wavelength electromagnetic waves
  • Wavelength is roughly same size as diameter of atom
  • Transmitted by healthy tissue, but absorbed by dense materials like bone and metal
  • Affect photographic film in same way as light so can take photographs
  • Can be used to diagnose bone fractures and dental problems
  • Images can be formed electronically using charge-coupled devices (CCDs)
  • CCDs are silicon chips about size of postage stamp, divided into grid of millions of pixels
  • CCDs detect x-rays and produce electronic signals whic form high resolution images
  • Same technology used in digital cameras

CT scans use x-rays

  • Computerised axial tomography use xray to produce high resolution images of soft and hard tissue
  • Patient put inside cylindrical scanner, xray…


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