X-Rays Physics

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  • X-rays in Medicine
    • X-Rays
      • High Frequency
      • Short Wavelength
      • Electromagnetic Wave
      • Pass through healthy tissue but is absorbed by denser material
    • Use in CCD's
      • Charge-coupled device
      • silicon chip made up of millions of pixels
      • detect x-rays and produce electronic signals used to form high res images
    • Use in CT Scanners
      • Computerised Axial Tomography
      • x-ray beam is fired through body from x-ray tube
      • x-rays are picked up on the other side by detectors
      • the tube and detectors are rotated during the scan to give a 2D slice through the body
      • multiple 2D images can be layered together to create a 3D image
    • Treating Cancer
      • X-rays can cause ionisation
      • X-rays focused at the right doseage can kill cancer cells
      • Radiographers take precautions such as lead aprons to stop the x-rays killing healthy cells


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