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Maslows hierachy of needs
. physiological .safety .love/belonging .esteem .self actualisation
whats the difference between needs/wants?
essential vs desire
how do you realte it to markwting convept?
shift towards emotion
difficulty determining customer needs?
try appeal to everyone

-marketing concept = meeting customer needs better than competition
-identifying, anticipation, satisfying customer needs is at the heart of marketing concept
-needs may relate to rational or emotional behaviour
-needs/motivation linked
-marketing research ca be used to identify needs 
-latent needs = needs we have within our selves but not aware we want it, e.g, sliced bread/technology

Marketing science
increased sophisticated satisfaction modeling, bigger and more rigorous data
Interpretive approaches
Broadening a context examined, infuenced by trends in social theory
Ethical approaches
seies of complex intellectual maneuvers relating to developments in theory

marketing research = collecting and interpreting info to launch new products/understand trends

Investigating phenomena
--> product placement/development -->advertising -->sponsorship/brand association -->nostalgia -->media habits -->consumer relationship -->ulture in adv/marketing -->consumer behaviour/ethics -->corporate social responsibilities
Reasons for market research
::analyse customer needs ::study consumer behaviour ::identify competition ::product development research ::consolidate credibility ::pre and post testing of promotional campaigns ::monitoring distribution and overall performance of…


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