X-rays in Medicine

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X-ray Images used for Medical Diagnosis

X-rays are high frequency, short wavelength electromagnetic waves.

Their wavelength is roughly the same size as the diameter of an atom. 

They are transmitted by (pass through) healthy tissue, but absorbed by denser materials like bones and metal.

They affect photographic film in the same way as light, which means they can be used to take photographs.

X-rays can be used to diagnose  many medical conditions such as bone fractures or dental problems

X-ray images can be formed electronically using charge-coupled devices CCDs

CCDs are silicon chips (size of post stamps) divided up into a grid of millions of identical pixels. CCDs detect X-rays and produc electronic signals which are used to form high resolution images. The same technology is used to take photographs in digital cameras 

CT Scans

Computerised axial tomography (CT) scans usse X-raya to produce high resolution images of soft and hard tissue. The patient is put inside the…


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