WJEC AS ICT - Topic 5


Main advantages of ICT

Repetitive processing

  • Processors are very fast. Similar tasks are repeated ovr and over again with a few small changes.
  • Used in billing systems for utility bills
  • Performing a mailmerge
  • Sending email to multiple recipients
  • Template style sheet

Speed of processing

  • Depends on the speed of processor, speed of communications (if online) and speed at which data arrives
  • Faster processing - less time to get outputs

Data storage capacity

  • Cost of digital storage has fallen, organisations can store a lot more data than they used to . They have come to realise that the more data they hold the more they can process to get useful information

Speed of searching

  • Manual searching for information can take a long time, computers are fast and specific conditions can be entered


  • Computers make no mistakes when programmed correctly, therefore computers are more accuarate

Speed of data communications

  • Broadband/fibre means that companies have fast access to information, Leads to online 24Hr orders being a thing

The ability to produce different output formats

  • Numerical data can be put into many formats such as text, tables, graphs and pictures.

Abiliy to search and combine data

  • Databases can have complex search conditions used on them. Search data can be incomplete. E.g. Police can search all white ford fiestas with a number plate that stars MT and ends in 08. This would be impossible using manual systems

Improved security

  • Easy to back up
  • Fewer mistakes during processing
  • Better security

Factors affecting the efficiency of data processing systems

Effects of hardware

  • Certain software will only run if minimum requirements are met
  • Speed of processing depends on type and speed of processor and amount of RAM

Effects of software

  • Needs to suit the purpose (DTP for leaflet, WPS for documents)
  • Poorly designed software frustrates users - bugs, cause crashes and loss of data
  • If no software


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