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AS WJEC ICT…read more

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Human Computer Interface
Humans have to interact with ICT systems and
there needs to be an affective dialogue
between them and computers. HCI's provide
the means by which the user can tell the
computer what to do and at the same time
the computer can interact with the human by
giving them a response.…read more

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Type of HCIs
Keyboard and Mouse are the most common
Graphical devices
Game playing devices
Pointing devices
Touch screens
Biometric systems…read more

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Task, user experience, user preference & resources
Task: different tasks require different HCI's
User experience: a user with a lot of experience will want to complete a task
in as little time as possible. Beginners won't care how long it takes.
User preference: users may prefer to issue commands on the keyboard if it is
faster than using pull down menus or clicking on icons.
Resources: complex HCI's need more memory and fast processors to work.…read more

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GUI (graphic user interface)
There are four main types:
command line interface, graphical user interface, menu driven
interface and natural language interface.
Graphical User Interface: WIMP: windows, icons, mouse pointers.
Windows: overlapping frames viewed simply or a combination
Icons: provide shortcuts to computer operations
Menus: features pop up screen and pull down from menu
Pointers: move around
: mouse are easy to use, don't have to learn computer language.
Icons are easy to use for beginners.
: demands more memory and takes up more space.…read more

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Command Line Interface
The user types in coded commands for
system operations and the computer
performs the task when enter is pressed.
Users have to learn coded commands which
makes this type of HCI more suited to
computer professionals.
: uses less memory and its effective.
: difficult for beginners.…read more

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