Why did disarmament fail in the 1930s?

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2. To what extent was the League a success?

Why did disarmament fail in the 1930s?

Germany was getting even more frustrated than before whilst other countries were spending more time on their armaments than they had been previously.

The Manchurian crisis allowed the League to see the urgency of the problem.

In February 1932, the disarmament conference got underway.

By July, it had produced resolutions to:

- prohibit bombing on cilivian populations

 - limit size of artillery

- limit the number of tanks

- prohibit chemical warfare.

However there was very little to explain how these resolutions would be inforced. Many proposals to ban the manufacture of products had been declined.

Despite this, the conference were still aware that something needed to be done about Germany.

The Germans had been in the league for 6 years. It was thought that they should be treated more fairly then they had been under the Treaty of…




this is not nearly enough of an explaination dude, im not going to get 8 marks on my gcse exam tomorrow for writing one line on disarmament.

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