Why was collectivisation carried out so quickly?

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  • Grain procurements of 1928-29
    -Even when harvests were better, the governemtn were finding it hard to provide for the cities and other countries enough grain. And since the harvests were good, they could only assume that the peasants were hoarding it to get money for themselves.
    -so it would help with communism as well
    -in fact, it got to the point where even meat had to be rationed as well as bread
  • To break the control the peasants had:
    -seizures had stopped in 1928, which already shows the hold the peasants had on Stalin, yet, even when they had stopped, they were not getting enough grain.
    -so it was used to force the peasants to give their grain-> seen as a last resort as passive encouragement was not working
  • To provide for the cities and  for exports
    -it would please the workers, who were the natural source of their support
    -so, it would secure their support and position by showing that the Bolsheviks were still willing to work with the workers and that the Bolsheviks…


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