When urban planning works - Curitiba, Brazil (Case Study)

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Re-developing the Dharavi Slum:


  • Residents will be given sewer systems and clean running water
  • Dharavi is in the cntre of Mumbai so is worth a lot of money to developers


  • Only people living in Dharavi since 1995 will be elegible for a new home
  • Development will destroy communities that have formed in the slum
  • Families will be forced to live in small flats/apartments

Curitiba sustainable sytem:


  • Good reputation
  • fast transport - every 52 seconds
  • Not as many people using cars
  • Reduces congestion
  • Integrated transport systems
  • Serves 1.3 million passengers
  • Urban biodiversity
  • Ecological corridors reduce pollution


  • Cannot accommodate increasing population
  • Increasing fare prices
  • Bike paths underused
  • Becomes cramped - increasing population
  • Not reaching poor areas

BRT - Bus Rapid Transport:

  • 1100 buses make 12,500 trips per day serving 1.3 million passengers
  • 5 main…




This is absolutely brilliant, thank you!!

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