What explains Luther's rebellion?

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  • His character: man of principle; stubborn and courageus; feelings of resentment against father; would not back down in the face of adversity
  • Personal search for religious truth: deeply concerned with own salvation. Became a monk in 1505 but could not satisfy God through his devotion and self-punishment. Visited Rome in 1511 and saw first hand the corruption of Rome. After 1513 he was a University lecturer which led to close study of Biblical texts, especially the New Testament( used Erasmus' Greek New Testament of 1516) and early church writers like Augustine. Arrived at the growing conclusion that the Church's teachings on salvation and penance were wrong. Only the Bible was a true test of what God wanted. Church misinterpreting and distorting the Word of God.
  • Aware of the heresies of Jan Hus who was burned a century before.
  • Came to disbelieve the idea you could work your way to Heaven through good works. Privately believed in justification by faith alone. All you needed was faith in Jesus and God and repentence for your sins. Faith and forgiveness was entirely a gift from God (accepeted the idea of predestination and rejected free will) and nothing the sinner did could earn it from God. This meant that the Church and priests did not play the mediating…


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