What caused the French Revolution?

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  • France was 4000 million livres in debt, this was blamed on Louis spending all the money on wars -e.g. the American revolution and the Seven Year's War- and Marie-Antoinette on luxuries
  • there was a corrupt tax system; some tax collectors kept some money for themselves
  • only the third estate paid taxes; they had the lowest wages, no representation in the estates general and they were 97% of the population
  • The 1st and 2nd estate refused to pay taxes and had representation in the estates general
  • King Louis XVl brought in financial advisors to review the weakend French Treasury; each advisor came to the same conclusion- france needed to change the way it taxed the citizens
  • the king appointed a controller general of finance called Charles De calonne in 1783
  • Calonne suggested that France taxes the previously exempt Nobility; however they refused at the Assembly of Notables even after the controller general pleaded with them
  • the king decided to convene the estates general in


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