Western Migration and the Trail

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What factors encouraged Western Migration?

  • They travelled by covered wagons pulled by horse and oxen.
  • There was apparently fertile soil and gold in the West.
  • The journey began by steamboat.
  • Mormons escaped religious persecution by going West to Salt Lake City.
  • There were many wagons in a wagon trail.
  • They followed a specific journey/trail like the Oregon trail.
  • The trail followed a water source, and was very exhausting for its users.
  • The wagons could break, and you'd have to wait for days to fix it.
  • Cholera and disease raged in the trails, causing mass deaths.
  • Mountainous areas caused many to die of dehydration.
  • Survivors of the Donner party ate their previous companions' dead bodies.

The trails

  • People travelled across tricky terrain by covered wagon. This gave them shelter and rest. These were typically pulled by horses.
  • The journey began with a steamboat crossing over the Mississippi river, then across the Plains, and thgrough the Rocky Mountains to Oregon City.
  • Many died of famine, disease (in particular cholera) and dehydration, or from a fall when in the mountains. These risks made the journey tricky.
  • It was best to travel when it is not too cold, or you…


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