The American Civil War and the Homestead Act

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The Civil War

  • The civil war was between the North and South of the USA. The North won the war, freeing many slaves from confederate places in the South
  • Slaves wanted a better life, but there was still violence during the reconstruction period, which was aimed mainly at newly freed slaves.
  • Black people were still treated a slaves so many had to move West to avoid being harmed.
  • Also, many men from South and North died in combat, so there were a lot of widowed women about, who moved West to start a new life.
  • People returned home from the war to find mass disarray- burnt crops, dead animals, and lots of homelessness.
  • The loss of slavery cost the white settlers.
  • When the Southern states lest the USA in 1861 to set up the confederacy, the new US government was made up of the Northern states.
  • In 1862, free from opposition, the US government passed two laws that had huge significance on the West: the Homestead Act (May 1862) and the Pacific Railroad Act (July 1862).
  • The Homestead Act intended to settle the West with small…


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