Weapons Technology in WW1

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WW1 was defined by the technological developments of the late 19th and early 20th Centuries.

Neil Stewart says:

"The destructive power of weaponry used on all sides was unprecedented"

"It was the first truly modern industrial war; its weapons + it's very outcome were very dependant on industrial innovation and mass production"

The Machine Gun:

Which shaped the defensive nature of the war.

The Artillery:

Developed significantly up to WW1. It was responsible for the majority of all casualties in WW1. 39% wounded by bullets but 58% by shells or trench mortars.

Poison Gas + Tanks: 

Provided possible solutions to overcome the continuing stalemate of trench warfare.


  • Leading up to WW1 there were many industrial developments such as the introduction of mass production, planes + sending messages by wireless.
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