Water Conflicts

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Why do water conflicts occur?

They occur in areas where groups share the same water supply (e.g. Jordan River) 

Water conflicts occur because of the groundwater in the area being overexploited or due to the area receiving little rainfall.

As industries expand and the population grows, there is as high demand for water leading to more conflict at local. national and international scales

Local Conflict - Pepsi factory in India, Kerala 

Pepsi - based in the USA but has factories around the world, including India (Kerala)

Droughts in the area have caused problems for the local people of Kerala due to the reduction of drinking due to the increase of water stress. It has also lead to the loss of crops becausethere is no water for the irrigation of the crops.

Local people argue that the company is overexploiting the groundwater making the situation worse. However, Pepsi denied and claimed that an independent study proved that the effects of the factory were insignificant compared to other water users.

Local authorities have tried to prevent Pepsie from extracting so much groundwater many times. In 2017 - Pepsi agreed to cut their water usage by 75% as the drought continued. Also, locals have been protesting for the plant to be shut


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