Was 'Big Government' reduced?

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Was 'big government' reduction clearly beneficial?

  • New federalism - less federal interference in state and local affairs, business, finance and all aspect of people's lives
  • Sounded positive to a nation suspicious of government intervention
  • Meant less funding for state and local government projects and less regulation of business expanionism
  • Less control over foreign imports 
  • Less social welfare for most needy

How was 'big government'reduced in short term?

  • removed 23,000 pages from Federal register - cut federal regulations almost in half
  • brought down cost of petrol and heating fuel through deregulation
  • created federal strike force to combat government fraud and waste - saved $2billion in 6 months
  • replaced federal agencies with private sector ones and federal employees with volunteers

Rising deficit - failed to control overall rising debt

Problems of removing controls

  • Big companies bought smaller


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