Victims and the Criminal Justice System

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Victims have started to become very important in the CJS due to the victims movement which started around the late 1970's. Through the media and press overtime we have been fed images of what an ideal victim is and who are the mostly likely people in society to become victims.

There is four types of impact that can occur once you become a victim of a crime, all of them are serious and will have similar effects. These four impacts are physical, behavioural, emotional/psychological and financial. When you suffer a physical impact it can often leave you out of work for some time or even worse it can restrict what basic everyday activities you can do. A behavioural impact however, might look like changes in eating habits or sleeping patterns which can all lead on to worse impacts if not helped. Emotional impacts can range from depression to not being able to leave the house. And financial impacts can be anything from unsafe living arrangements to possessions that have been destroyed or…


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