Race Diversity and the Criminal Justice System

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There are many issues concerning those from a minority ethnic background when it comes to the CJS but also when experiencing crime. For example, those from a MEG are more likely than those fom a white background to experience victimisation. They are more likely to experience a hate crime as well. However, it has been noted that a large majority MEG's occupy the 16-24 age range with lifestyles that increases the opportunity of them becoming a victim of crime.

If we do a more indepth breakdown of different victimisations those from an Asian MEG are more likely to experience vandalism. Asian-Pakistanis were at higher risk of the majority of household crimes. Muslims are also at high risk of household victimisation. Muslims also have a high risk of being a victim of a personal crime. Overall, it appears that Asians are highly more likely to be a victim of a crime then any other group.

When we look at the confident levels these groups have in the CJS as well we see that this is low especially when look at their perceptions about the police. Studies have shown that those from MEG's can be reluncant to report crime, this could be because of a fear of being mistreated and victimised further. But what we can deduct from evidence is that some groups have more confident with the CJS than others. However, we do see that contact with the police can…


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