Unit 3: Wilson's Typology of Sects

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Wilson noted that since Weber and Troeltsch developed their original typology, we are now obliged to recognise the increasing diversity of sects. The growth of different sects demanded a new typology which differentiated between them on their basis of their response to the world.

1) Converstionist Sects:

- Typical of evanglical/fundamentalist Christianity.

- They do not accept the social order and try to win people over and convert them.

- If people change, the world will change.

i.e. The Salvation Army, Pentecostalism

2) Revolutionary Sects:

- Hope to change the status quo and replace it with a new order

- They believe that they will become God's representatives.

- Prophetic religious texts are valued and members compare sect predictions with unfolding events.

i.e. Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons

3) Introversionist Sects:

- Retire from worldly things and cherish…


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