psychodynamic approach Freud

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Psychodynamic approach  

  • A person's environment determines their behaviour. This suggests that there isn’t any nature in the shaping of behaviour and personality but that this is all due to nurture.

Freud thought of three key stages that everyone goes through saying that conflict between them can create anxiety these are;

  • Super ego – the part of the mind that acts like a self-critical conscience which reflects social standards learnt from our parents, teachers and other adult authorities. It is the part of us that is overly angelic.
  •  Id – the id is the part of the mind in which instinctive impulses and bad processes manifest. It is the side of us that acts like a devil.
  •  The ego – the ego is essentially stuck between the id and the super ego, and it tries to balance out the two. It mediates between the conscious and unconscious mind and builds up the actions we take. 

He also came up with defence mechanism

  • denial

refusal to accept facts

  • regression

when a person goes back to an earlier state

  • repression

when a person represses their feelings

  • reaction formation

unwanted feelings and desires are converted into the


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