The condition of Russia in 1914


The condition of Russia in 1914

  • 'On the Eve of the Great War (WW2), Russia was a country of contradictions' -Sally Waller
  • 'He was too much a man of the past to be an effective leader at a time of change in the 20th century' -Sally Waller
  • 'Whatever the 1905 revolution had achieved. It had failed to alter the outlook of Tsar Nicholas.-Sally Waller.



  • Russian people could now participate in law-making with the help of the Duma and the Zemstva. They provided the opportunitie for debate regarding legislation and policies.
  • Stolypin used the third Duma to pas both social and agricultural refroms. 
  • By 1914, repression and the Okhrana reduced opposition.
  • The autocratic regime was politically stable since radical leaders were exiled e.g. Lenin.


  • Despite the creation of the Duma, its powers were limited as there were restrictions regarding what it could actually do.
  • The position of the Dumas disintegrated even more as a result of Stolypin and the Fundamental Laws that were introduced.
  • Eventually, Nicholas II became detached from the rest of Russia.
  • There was a narrow support base for the regime.
  • Only methods such as 'Stolypin's necktie' were able to keep opposition at bay.



  • Russia was gradually becoming less dependent on foreign investmet and was self-reliant.


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