Travel and Tourism Key Words

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Types of tourism

Domestic- UK residents taking trips or holidays in the UK

Inbound- overseas tourists visiting the UK

Outbound- UK residents taking holidays outside the UK

Purposes of tourism

Visiting friends and family,

Leisure: Have fun, relax, sightsee, experience different cultures, visit attractions, take part in or watch sporting events.

Business: When people travel in connection with their work e.g. to attend conferences and meetings.

Travel and tourism industry

Travel agencies, people who sell you the holidays,

Tour operators, people who put the holidays together,

Transport providers: e.g. British airways, Swans coaches, Ryan air, BMI Baby, Courtesy coaches.

Transport principles,

Accommodation providers: i.e. hotels, hostels, B+B’s, cruise ships.

Visitor Attractions,

Tourism information provider’s: i.e. local tourist offices.

Ways of Travel



Sea: e.g. cruise ships and ferries,

Overland: e.g. by train, car, minibus or coach.

Budget airlines

Cheaper tickets,

Reduced landing cost

Referred to as a no-frills airline

No food or entertainment

Online booking to reduce cost

Maximising the plane use to as much as is safe

Have to pay for your luggage

Don’t give you tickets so




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