Impacts of Travel and Tourism

Economic, Environmental and Sociocultural impacts.

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Andy Whitworth
Impacts of Travel and Tourism
Travel and tourism can affect the world both positively and negatively. The impacts can
be called Economic, Environmental and Sociocultural.
Economic Impacts
-these are connected to wealth and money
-tourism creates jobs and local people are employed in these jobs that they can spend
on the local economy.
-local businesses (which don't have to be travel and tourism businesses) prosper too;
this is because tourism would be feeding more money into the local economy and
creating more jobs. This is called the Multiplier Effect.
Agents of tourism development are individuals or organisations involved in the
developing tourism in a given place. They may include construction companies, tourism
organisations such as local councils and private sector travel, often working together in
Dockland and riverside locations have been regenerated in recent years. Tourism
development has been a major part of this process in cities throughout the UK.
-the jobs brought to a destination by travel and tourism organisations are seasonal. This
is a problem for seaside resorts in the UK, e.g. Scarborough. Where the winter
unemployment rate rises.
-economic leakage is another impact, this occurs where the wealth brought to a
destination by travel and tourism leaks away to somewhere else.
-if migrant workers (employees whose permanent home is elsewhere in the country or
abroad) are used, the problem can be worsened because they are likely to send some of
the money that they earn home.
-travelling can have environmental impacts. Aircrafts, ships, trains, cars and coaches all
consume fuel.

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Andy Whitworth
-emissions from road transport and aircraft in particular can have a damaging effect on
the environment.
-pollution caused by noise and waste disposal can be downsides of tourism if they are
not managed properly.
-clearing land for building tourist attractions or tourist facilities changes the natural
-tourism can also bring environmental benefits. Landscaping often accompanies tourist
developments such as hotels, seaside resorts and purpose-built resorts like Disneyland.…read more


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