Trans-National Corporations ( TNCs)

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TNCs also increase globalisation

1) TNCs are companies that produce products, sell products or are located in mroe than one country. For example Sony is a TNC- it manufactures electronic products in China and Japan, and sells many of them in Europe and the USA.

2) TNCs are usually very rich companies that employ lots of people and have a large output ( they make loads of products every year)

3) TNCs increase globalisation by linking together countries through the production and sale of goods.

4) They also bring the culture from their country of origin to many different countries, e.g. McDonald's brings Western-style fast food to other countries.

TNCs affect economic development

1) TNCs create jobs in an area. This increases the wealth of the area ( due to taxes) and the wealth of the local people ( due to employment).

2) Taxes are used to improve the infrastructure and services . People also have more money to spend. Both of these things attract more…


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