Somerset vs. Northumberland Timeline


Somerset vs. Northumberland Timeline


January – Death of Henry VIII. Hertford secures his position as Lord Protector and makes himself Duke of Somerset.

September – England invades Scotland and wins Battle of Pinkie

November – Somerset starts to construct garrison forts in Scotland. The Act of Six Articles and Henrician treason laws are repealed

December – Dissolution of chantries are authorised by Parliament


February – Demolition of all images in churches (iconoclasm) decreed.

June – French army lands at Leith and proceeds to attack English garrisons. Mary Stuart is taken to France. Commissioners are appointed to examine recent enclosures


January – Thomas Seymour is arrested and executed for plotting against the state. New prayer book, in English but conservative in tone is approved

April – Enclosure commissioners are given the power to ‘reform’ forbidden enclosures

May-August – Revolts break out in…


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