Theravada Buddhism: The Pali Canon

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Vinaya Pitaka 
Contains pronouncements attributed to the Buddha, laying down numerous rules for the conduct of the order and is divided into 3 sections

  • The Suttavibhanga gives the 227 rules for monks, known as the Patimokkha, which are recited on Uposatha Days 
  • The Khandhaka contains rules governing the organisation of the sangha, covering topics such as admission to the order and rules about dress

Sutta Pitaka
Contains the sermons and teachings of the Buddha, together with a few sermons by various disciples and is the written source of the Buddhist dharma. It is divided into five sections by length and subject matter

  • Digha Nikaya (collection of long dialogues): 34 sermons covering topics including false teachings, the place of caste and the higher states of consciousness
  • Majjhima Nikaya (collection of medium-length discourses): 152 sermons, including the Buddha's account of his enlightenment, the simile of the saw and a sermon by an early female disciple showing how women had a place in early


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