The Zollverein

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The Prussian Customs Union

  • After 1815, 39 German states managed own economies
  • Custom barriers and internal tariffs restricted trade (variations in currency values within confederation was also an issue)
  • Prussian Custims Union created, which was a law that did away with internal customs duties and replaces them with a tariff to be charged at the Prussian frontier
  • Tariff was low, customs duties given on raw materials but it tried to proct home industry from foreign competition
  • Working to extend free trade within Prussia and other states of the Confederation
  • Aim to get rid of as many internal trade barriers as possible so goods could move more freely
  • Smaller north and central German states agreed to join a customs union with Prussia
  • Prussia was geographically well placed to control north to soth routes through north Germany and to generate a large income out of duties charged on foreign goods carried along these routes


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