Unlikely unification and other notes: Germany

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Why was unification unlikely?

  • separate leaders controlled each state
  • 39 states
  • the Diet didn't have much power - no army support and unanimous voting
  • there was a 'peaceful dualism' between Austria and Prussia which was fighting over who could gain overall dominance of Germany
  • differences between states
  • for example, Rhineland was very industrialised compared to its controllers, Prussia, who were rural
  • religious differences; Southern Germany looked to Austria for Catholics whereas North Germany looked to Prussia for Protestants
  • a lot of non-Germans lived within the confederation so not really national unity
  • plus some states in the confederation were controlled by non-Germans, e.g. Britain
  • states had different languages, currency, weights, measurements

Things pushing for change/unity:


  • later named Zollverein
  • set up in 1818
  • they removed the complex custom barriers
  • replaced them with a…


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