The Somerset and York rivalry

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The Somerset and York rivalry

- Richard of York was the kings closest living male relative, and therefore expected to be one of the power brokers at court. However he was excluded from court and this caused resentment. The reasons why he was excluded were:

1. The opposition of the king's cheif adviser's, the Duke of Suffolk and the Duke of Somerset, as they led a household and court faction that allowed them to monopolise the royal patronage, they were therefore not going to tolerate York's leadership.

2. Queen Margret disliked Tork and did not trust him due to his forcefulness, his blood realtionship with the king and his claim to the throne. When Henry's Uncle died, the Duke of Glouscester died in 1447, York became heir presumptive, and this made Margret even more suspicious of York.

3. York was too arrogant, stubborn and demanding and preferred to confront and challenge people. He had no time for those the he saw as inferior in title, intelect and skill.

- York had served twice as the king's military commander in France and was therfore furious when he was replaced by Somerset. This was the beginning of a bitter feud with Somerset. 

-York complained several times to the king that Somerset was ill-equipped to command English armies in


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