Why Edward of York won the Crown in 1461

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  • Why did Edward of York win the crown in 1461?
    • Henry's Failures as a King
      • His inability to lead
      • He allowed the rivalry between Somerset and York to escalate
      • Didn't stop rivalries between nobles
      • His wife made important dicisions for him
    • Edward VI's Qualities and Skills
      • Edward wasn't tarnished by 10 years of saying one thing and doing another (like his father)
      • Was good at making decisions
      • Tall, Well-built and handsom
      • Excellent soldier who had 'God's blessing'
    • Support from the Earl of Warwick
      • In 1461, Warwick was the most powerful nobleman in England
      • He had Fame and Charisma
      • Strong Leader
      • He could summon a very large number of fighting men
    • Support from London
      • Londoners felt that the Lancastrian government favoured foreign merchants over English ones
    • Military success at the Battle of Towton
      • Edward was a good leader
      • Lancastrian archers were at a severe disadvantage
    • Richard Duke of York's opposition
      • Margret felt threatened by York
      • His land was taken from him
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