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Frederick William IV:

  • was a successor of his father
  • known to be very unstable
  • at one point he was even declared insane - later in life
  • he began quite liberal minded by releasing political prisoners, abolishing censorship, etc
  • was a firm believer in Divine Rights (meaning that Kings are God's representatives)

Revolution in Berlin:

  • 13th March 1848 in Berlin, revoltuions errupted over pay and working conditions, mainly workers were the revolutionaries
  • the demonstrators threw stones at soldiers, who responded by opening fire
  • fighting continued for two more days
  • news of a revolution in Vienna plus the resignation of Metternich hit Berlin 16th March 1848 which added fuel to the uprisings
  • on the 18th of March, a somewhat large crowd of people gathered around outside King Frederick's balcony
  • the crowd cheered greatly when he appeared, wanting them removed the King commanded his troops to get rid of them
  • communication must have been misinterpreted as the soldiers shot dead 300 rioters
  • the King absolutely detested


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