German Unification background info

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Zollverein (previously Prussian Customs Union):

  • each of the 39 states had their own economy
  • there were countless barriers and tarrifs which prevented trade a lot
  • even in just one state there weould be lots of tolls
  • in 1818 the Prussian Customs Union was set up
  • they abolished the large quantities of customs and instead replaced it with one tariff that was on the Prussian border
  • however, not everyone was happy, Rhineland industrialists had hoped for a high tariff to protect their goods but instead it was low - Prussia said that a high tariffs would encourage smuggling
  • a lot of the other German states were impressed by Prussia's new economy boost and offered to join
  • Hesse-Cassel was hoped to join also but they didn't
  • some rival custom unions were set up like the Middle Union
  • but they were more concerned with destroying the PCU than boosting economy
  • the Prussian finance minister encouraged the building of roads
  • Hesse-Cassel had…


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