The Lost Leader

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Assume the persona is Robert Browning, attacking the Poet Laureate (William Wordsworth, who Browning idolized) for deserting the fellow liberal poets in favor of money, sacrifising his freedom and integrity. However because this is never mentioned in the poem, readers can assosiate it with worldwide betrayal, it has universal appeal.

The title: 'Lost' - lost his soul, become a puppet of society

Rhyme Scheme

The rhyme scheme is ABCB, this rigid structured scheme illustrates the carefully planned out thought's Browning's persona has against the "leader'' combined with the structure of the poem and the persuasive language used, it is structured to resemble a speech, to rally the troops, or  liberal poets, and takes the form of a liberal speech.


Anaphoa is used in this poem to belittle the object's our 'leader' has sold out for; 'just for a handful of silver...just for a ribbon', this emphasizes that those he has left do not need material…


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