Historical Context of The Kite Runner

A powerpoint presentation about the historical, political and culutral context of The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini written and made by Hamed Madani.



About the author


Historical background

Political background

Cultural background (ethnic and religious diversity within Afghanistan)


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The Kite Runner: Historical,
Political and Cultural Contexts
Hamed Madani…read more

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The Kite Runner: Introduction
First novel to be written in English
Title is derived from an old Afghan
hobby Gudiparan Bazi or Kite
It is a unique Afghan pastime
during windy spring season
ABOUT THE AUTHOR, Khalid Husseini
Born in 1965 in Kabul, Afghanistan…read more

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About the Author
Attended Santa Clara University, Cal.
Graduated from UC San Diego School
of Medicine in 1996.
His specialty is internal medicine.
The novel maps the journey of the
Amir, the narrator
The story takes place in Afghanistan,
Pakistan, and the United States from 1975…read more

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Synopsis…read more

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Amir belongs to:
a wealthy family whose father is a businessman
the dominant Pashtun ethnic group
the dominant Sunni religious group
Amir tells the story of his friendship with Hassan.
Hassan and his father, Ali, are Amir's servants
He is a low-caste ethnic Hazara
He belongs to the minority Shi'it religious
He is the victim of discrimination due to his religious…read more

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Ironically, he is also Amir's half brother
Amir overwhelms with guilt when allows Hassan to be
beaten by the neighborhood kids and
Watch him being raped by one of those boys
Hassan and his father leave Kabul for Hazarajat
Amir and his father flee Afghanistan for Pakistan and…read more

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