The Bishop Orders His Tomb at Saint Praxed's Church

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  • The Bishop Orders His Tomb at Saint Praxed's Church
    • Layout
      • Dramatic monologue, shows how alone he is, long list of everything he want, he uses lots of imperatives
        • 'Saint Praxed's ever was the church for peace;' repetition of peace when he is talking non-stop, why can't he stop and listen
      • '-the church for peace' repeated at the end again, circular
    • Context
      • Frist published in a magazine, deliberately wanted it to be relation with his time, is this a satire? At the same time as Oxford  movement, becoming more Catholic, insence/gold, people were scared
        • Browning's protestant views, Britain is protestant but this is all about Catholic Church, examination/satire of decimation of Catholic religion
          • Protestants prided themelves on plainess and directness
      • 1838 Venice, 1844 Naples. Rome, 1846 Elopes to Italy with Elizabeth Barratt Browning
    • Character
      • Obssessed with the world he should be shunning, no talk of heaven, physical legacy all he can follow
        • First word is 'vanity', ironic
        • pours enitres life into obsession no one cares about, deluded, links to Soliq. of Spanish C., MLD, PL
      • 'Old Gandolf envied me, so fair she was!' Unpriestly
        • HAs a hold on hi beyond the grave, MLD
          • 'And stretch my feet forth straight as stone can point', fantasying vein ga statue while still being alive, death is welcome, like Prospice
            • ''Do I live, am I dead?'', confusion about lfe and death
      • childish, similar to Lost Leader, 'He graced his carrion with, God cursed the same!'
        • similar also to Soliq. of Spanish C. because he destroys the monks' garden, childish
      • Ignorant, 'And 'neath my tabernacle take my rest,'
        • Tabernackle is a Holy box, Jesus carried was where God resied, describes his tombs as a tabernacle, selfishness, lack of religious concept
          • links to Soliq. of Spanish Cl. because he is unreligious, talking of pornorgaphy,fake
          • Loss of faith, 'peach-blossom marble all, the rare, the ripe As fresh-pured red wine of a nightly pulse, reference to Last Supper, he wants to be associated with colour of grapes, high stays, shows he is not trusting gin Jesus to save him
            • hyperbolic, simile shows his priority lies with his tomb how he will look
    • Imagery
      • 'ROME, 15-' vagueness, other world, fairytale-esque, not exact date
      • powerlessness, Bibllical, aggressive, art, hypocrisy
        • 'Child of my bowels, Anselm? reference to David he lusts after another woman,
        • 'Big as a Jew's head cut off at the nape', violent, war, martial, links with LL
        • 'The bas- relief in bronze ye promised me'
          • ekphrasis, lots of detail describing a piece of art
        • 'To death - ye wish it-' hypocrite says they wish it but he does also, can't love them much, he has no power, sad, 'Gritstone, a -crumble!' Trying to be forceful
    • 'In this state-chamber, dying by degrees,'
      • has he been dyin by degrees his whole life? Wondering about his death. A slow painful death? Agony, people are waiting for him to die
      • alliteration,
    • 'Blue as a vein o'er the Madonna's breast...'
      • Unpriestly, lustful, frail old man, distrubing, ellipsis showing going off tin o excasty
    • Rhythm
      • Iambic pentameter
  • 'That brave Frascati villa with its bath'
    • Has to remind his sons of what h's offered, no trust, suspicious, paranoid, uses money to get what he wants, he is superficial so obsessed with legacy, links to LL


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